S72 Saddle assembly

The patented S72 Saddle assembly for 10 years have proved that this unconventional joining of saddle and seat post is a good solution. Its unique technical construction gives minimum weight with no reduction in rider safety and offfering the angular and longitudinal settings of the mutual position of the saddle and seat post.

S72 carbon composite adjustable Saddle and seat post assembly


  1. Carbon composite saddle and post
  2. Saddle size: 270x130 mm
  3. Patented saddle support
  4. Fully adjustable angular and longitudinal position of the saddle
  5. Precision machined 7075 alloy support
  6. Single bolt adjusting
  7. Post diameter: 31.6 mm
  8. Weight of whole assembly with 300 mm post: 275,0 g

The S72 Saddle Assembly fulfill the safety and quality requirements according to the EN 14764:2006 standard.