About BME Design

Producing the B-9 NH frame by Brano Meres

BME Design is a research and design studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia (EU), transforming a passion for pushing the boundaries of innovative materials and construction technology in creative expressions.

All bicycles are personally designed and built by Braňo Mereš, the founder of BME Design. His frame building began in 2001 started by exploring the possibilities of carbon composites and using bamboo as a tubing material for the frames (first bamboo MTB built worldwide).

In the experimental work, he applies his expertise in mechanical engineering (MSc. and PhD.), empirical analysis of mechanical structures, investigation of application of material technology, development and proof of construction methods, creative expression through creative design, and sometimes just because he wants to see what something is like to ride!

Production work is grounded in the results of the R&D background, exceptional quality of manufacture and rigorous testing and compliance with EU standards.

BME Design has presented their bicycles at the following exhibitions:

  • 'BIKES - the reinvention of the bicycle', Leipzig, Germany, June-October 2017
  • Bike l Design l City Exhibition, Winterthur, Switzerland, January-July 2017
  • Likebike Monte Carlo 2015
  • North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2014
  • Berliner Fahrradschau 2012
  • European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition 2010
  • re:Cycle 2009
  • European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition 2009
  • North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2008